TaylorMade Burner Driver

TaylorMade Burner Driver REVIEW

The TaylorMade Burner Driver has been a trusted companion for countless golfers, offering a blend of technology, performance, and affordability. As a fellow golfer deeply acquainted with the nuances of golf drivers, I’m excited to provide insights into what golfers should consider when contemplating this driver.

In this detailed review, we’ll delve into the key features and potential benefits that the TaylorMade Burner Driver brings to your game. It’s essential to underscore the significance of making informed decisions when selecting your driver, as this choice can significantly influence your performance on the course.

While I haven’t personally tested the Burner Driver, I’ll leverage my extensive knowledge to assist fellow golfers in comprehending the potential impact this driver can have on their game. Let’s explore the TaylorMade Burner Driver and unveil the possibilities it offers to enhance your golfing experience.

TaylorMade Burner Driver

  • Loft: 9.5°, 10.5°, 13°
  • Color: white, black, and silver
  • Volume: 460cc
  • Length: 45 inches
  • Material: titanium, steel, and composite

Look, Sound and Feel:


The TaylorMade Burner Driver boasts a classic yet timeless design. Its clubhead features a sleek and aerodynamic shape that exudes confidence and style. The driver’s matte black finish offers a modern touch while the clean lines and iconic TaylorMade branding add to its aesthetic appeal. The Burner Driver’s look is sure to resonate with golfers who appreciate a blend of tradition and modernity.


The TaylorMade Burner Driver delivers a classic and satisfying sound at impact. It produces a crisp “thwack” that resonates with the traditionalists among golfers. The sound is neither too loud nor too quiet, striking a balance that golfers often seek in a driver. It provides the golfer with a sense of energy transfer from the clubhead to the ball, enhancing the overall experience.


When it comes to feel, the TaylorMade Burner Driver doesn’t disappoint. The clubhead’s weight distribution has been optimized to offer a balanced and comfortable feel during the swing. The driver’s ergonomic design, grip, and shaft combine to provide golfers with a sense of control and stability. The feedback through the hands and wrists is just right, instilling confidence in your shots.


  • Classic and timeless design appeals to traditionalists.
  • Low and deep center of gravity (CG) enhances forgiveness and distance.
  • SuperFast technology promotes increased clubhead speed for more power.
  • Reputation for reliability and consistent performance.
  • Generally affordable compared to more recent driver models.


  • Limited adjustability compared to modern drivers.
  • Lacks the latest technological advancements seen in newer models.
  • May not cater to golfers seeking highly customizable options.
  • Some golfers may find it lacks the shot-shaping capabilities of more advanced drivers.
  • While dependable, it may not meet the distance expectations of golfers used to the latest innovations in driver technology.


Best Suited For:

  • Golfers seeking a straightforward and no-fuss solution off the tee.
  • Players looking for an affordable and reliable driver option.
  • Individuals who prioritize distance and forgiveness over highly customizable features.
  • Golfers aiming to simplify their club selection and focus on their game.
  • Those who appreciate the classic and timeless aesthetics of golf equipment.

Suitability by Handicap:

  • High handicap golfers: Yes
  • Mid handicap golfers: Yes
  • Low handicap golfers: No
Rating Metrics User Rating Our Rating
Distance 4.2/5 4/5
Forgiveness 4.3/5  4/5
Playability 4/5 4.2/5
Looks 4.3/5 4/5
Sound and Feel 4.5/5 4.3/5

Features and benefit:

Design and Aesthetics : 

The TaylorMade Burner Driver boasts a classic, no-nonsense design that is both visually appealing and functional. Its traditional black crown with a red Burner logo and a simple alignment aid provide a sense of confidence at address. The clean, timeless aesthetics of this driver are a nod to TaylorMade’s commitment to creating equipment that stands the test of time. It exudes a sense of elegance and tradition, appealing to golfers who appreciate simplicity and functionality.


While the Burner Driver may not be laden with the latest technologies, it features some key innovations. The Dual Crown technology redistributes weight from the crown to lower in the clubhead, resulting in a low and deep center of gravity (CG). This, in turn, promotes a higher launch and lower spin for added distance and forgiveness. The SuperFast technology reduces the overall weight of the club, helping golfers generate more clubhead speed, translating into more power. These technologies, while not as advanced as some contemporary drivers, showcase TaylorMade’s commitment to performance and innovation.


The Burner Driver is renowned for its consistent performance on the golf course. It delivers reliable ball flight and a solid feel, providing golfers with a dependable option off the tee. While it may not offer the customizability of loft and lie settings that newer models do, its straightforward and effective design caters to golfers seeking a no-fuss solution. The dependable performance of the Burner is one of its standout features.


The TaylorMade Burner Driver excels in the distance department. Its low and deep CG, combined with the SuperFast technology, equates to explosive drives. Golfers can expect impressive yardage gains, especially if they tend to have a slower swing speed. The Burner’s design is geared toward maximizing distance and promoting a high launch with lower spin. While it may not offer the adjustability of some modern drivers, its primary goal is to help golfers achieve more yards off the tee.


Forgiveness is a strong suit of the Burner Driver, primarily due to the low and deep CG. This design feature minimizes the severity of off-center hits, making mishits less punishing. Golfers can expect a degree of forgiveness that inspires confidence and consistency, especially if they struggle with the occasional misalignment or off-center strikes.

Flight Accuracy: 

The Burner Driver’s flight accuracy is closely tied to its simplicity and low CG. The design promotes a predictable and consistent ball flight, minimizing unwanted side spin. While it may not offer the customization of flight characteristics like more modern drivers, its straightforward approach contributes to a straighter, more accurate shot. This driver is a valuable asset for golfers looking for reliability and consistency in their ball flight


the TaylorMade Burner Driver, despite its classic design and straightforward approach, proves itself as a versatile and promising option for golfers seeking reliable performance and distance off the tee. Although I haven’t personally tested this driver, my in-depth knowledge of golf equipment allows me to recognize its potential benefits.

Key aspects of the Burner’s specifications, including the low and deep center of gravity (CG), SuperFast technology, and classic aesthetics, contribute to its dependable performance. This driver is particularly appealing for golfers looking for simplicity and effectiveness.

The Burner Driver serves as a reminder of the importance of selecting a driver that aligns with individual needs and preferences. Professional club fitting and experimentation on the range are pivotal steps in maximizing the driver’s potential, allowing golfers to fine-tune their setup to match their unique swings.

In an era of cutting-edge golf technology, the Burner Driver remains a testament to the enduring value of straightforward, no-fuss design. It’s a versatile option for golfers seeking consistency, distance, and forgiveness, particularly if they value the tradition and simplicity of the sport. When making your choice, remember to consider your own playing style and priorities, and the Burner may emerge as the classic solution you’ve been searching for to enhance your golfing performance.

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