Titleist dt trusoft Golf Balls

Titleist dt trusoft golf balls review

In the world of golf balls, choosing the right one can mean the difference between sinking a putt or watching your shot sail over the green. Titleist DT TruSoft golf balls are a popular option for golfers seeking a balance of affordability and performance. Designed for mid-handicap players, these balls prioritize distance and feel over the high-spin control offered by premium balls. 

This review dives into the key features of the Titleist DT TruSoft, analyzing aspects like core construction, cover material, and overall performance on the course. We’ll explore how the DT TruSoft stacks up against competitors in terms of distance, spin, feel, and durability. 

By the end of this review, you’ll have a clear understanding of whether the Titleist DT TruSoft is the right golf ball to elevate your game.

Titleist DT Trusoft Golf Balls Short Review

Titleist DT Trusoft golf balls are designed for golfers who prioritize a soft feel. While they may not be the best for high-spin players, they are a good option for golfers who want a soft feel around the greens and a good distance.

Titleist DT Trusoft Golf Ball Specs

  • Construction:  2-Piece
  • Cover: TruFlex 
  • Dimple Pattern:   376 dimples
  • Compression:  Low (around 60)

Why would a golfer choose a Titleist DT Trusoft ball?

Here’s why a golfer might choose a Titleist DT Trusoft 

Skill Level:

  • Mid-Handicap Golfer (Shoots in the 80s or 90s): These golfers are past the beginner stage and can consistently make decent contact with the ball. They may still be working on refining their swing mechanics but don’t require the high level of spin control offered by some advanced balls. The DT Trusoft provides a good balance of forgiveness and performance for this group.
  • Developing Golfer: These are newer players who are still learning the fundamentals of the game and working on achieving consistent swings. The DT Trusoft’s softer feel can be beneficial for them because it offers more feedback at impact. This feedback helps them understand how well they’ve struck the ball and allows them to make adjustments as they develop their swing.

Swing Speed:

  • Moderate Swing Speed (Below 90 mph): This typically refers to golfers who don’t hit the ball incredibly hard. They might generate a swing speed below 90 miles per hour with their driver. The DT Trusoft’s lower compression core helps launch the ball higher and achieve more distance with these slower swings.
  • Senior Golfer: Many senior golfers naturally have slower swing speeds due to age and physical limitations. The DT Trusoft’s construction caters well to this group by generating distance and maintaining a good feel for control, even with slower swings.

Playing Style:

  • Distance Focus: If you prioritize maximizing the distance you get off each shot, the DT Trusoft is a strong contender. Its construction, with a low-compression core and aerodynamic dimple pattern, is designed to help the ball travel further, especially for golfers with moderate swing speeds.
  • Balanced Player (Enjoys Distance and Some Feel): Some golfers value both distance and some greenside feel. The DT Trusoft caters to this style by offering good distance off the tee while still maintaining a relatively soft cover for chipping and putting. While not the most spin-oriented ball, it allows for some control around the greens without sacrificing too much distance potential.

Titleist DT Trusoft Golf Balls Features


These balls are designed to prioritize distance, particularly for golfers with moderate swing speeds. The low-compression core and aerodynamic dimple pattern work together to launch the ball higher and reduce drag, potentially adding yards to your shots.

Spin Control:  

Spin control is on the lower side with the DT Trusoft. This can be beneficial for golfers who struggle with slices or hooks off the tee, as the lower spin reduces the ball’s curvature in flight. However, it also means there’s less greenside spin for shots like grabbing wedges around the green.


The DT Trusoft is known for its soft feel, thanks to the cover material. This softer feel can be particularly noticeable on approach shots and putts, providing more feedback and confidence at impact.


While not the most durable ball on the market, the DT Trusoft’s construction offers decent resilience against wear and tear. You can expect them to last a reasonable amount of time on the course, especially for recreational golfers.


  • Designed for longer shots, especially with moderate swing speeds.
  • The soft cover offers a pleasing feel of impact.
  • Lower spin can help reduce hooks and slices.


  • Lower spin means less grip on the green for some shots.
  • Not the most durable ball on the market.

Titleist DT Trusoft golf balls for design

The Titleist DT Trusoft prioritizes distance and feel in a two-piece construction. This means the ball has a soft core and a thin cover, which work together to create a higher launch and more forgiveness on off-center hits. The cover itself is made from Titleist’s proprietary TruFlex material. This soft cover is key to the DT Trusoft’s comfortable feel, especially on approach shots and putts. It provides more feedback to the golfer at impact, allowing them to sense how well they’ve struck the ball.

The dimple pattern on the DT Trusoft is another design element that contributes to distance. It features 376 dimples in a tetrahedral design. This specific design helps reduce drag as the ball flies through the air, allowing it to travel further. Additionally, the dimple pattern promotes a more consistent ball flight, even in windy conditions.

Compression refers to the amount of squeeze a golf ball can withstand before returning to its original shape. The DT Trusoft has a low compression rating, typically around 60. This lower compression core is what helps the ball launch higher off the clubface, particularly for golfers with moderate swing speeds. A lower compression core also contributes to the ball’s softer feel.

The Titleist DT Trusoft comes in two color options: optic yellow and white. The optic yellow is a popular choice for golfers who prefer a brighter ball that’s easier to see against various backgrounds, especially on cloudy days or during twilight hours. White remains a classic color choice for golfers who prefer a more traditional look.

Alternatives of Titleist dt trusoft Golf Balls:

There are three names of alternatives of Titleist dt trusoft golf balls:

  • TaylorMade Distance+
  • Callaway Supersoft
  • Srixon Soft Feel

Key Takeaway

In conclusion, the Titleist DT Trusoft golf ball caters to mid-handicap golfers or developing players with moderate swing speeds who prioritize distance and feel.  The two-piece construction with a soft core and thin TruFlex cover delivers a higher launch angle and a comfortable feel at impact. The 376-dimple pattern aids in achieving longer distances and a more consistent ball flight.  

While the lower compression core promotes distance, it also translates to less spin for shots around the green.  If you’re a golfer who values distance and a soft feel but doesn’t necessarily require high levels of greenside spin, the Titleist DT Trusoft is worth considering.  However, if you need more control over your approach shots or have a very high swing speed, there might be better options on the market.

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