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Titleist Ts1 Driver Review

In the world of golf, it’s the one you use to crank the ball the farthest down the fairway, ideally straight down the middle. But if you’re someone who struggles to hit the ball long and straight, don’t worry, there are drivers designed to help! The Titleist TS1 might be your perfect match. 

This review will be your guide to the TS1, explaining everything in a way that’s easy to understand, even if you’re just starting out. We’ll talk about how the driver looks at address (when you line it up before your swing), how it feels when you swing it, and most importantly, how well it performs on the course – will it help you blast the ball farther and straighter.

So, whether you’re a golfer who scores high (don’t worry, it happens to all of us!) and needs a more forgiving driver, or a senior golfer who wants a lighter club that’s easier to swing, keep reading to see if the Titleist TS1 driver is the tee box weapon you’ve been looking for.

titleist ts1 driver

  • Model: TS1
  • Head Size: 460cc
  • Loft Options: 9.5°, 10.5°, 12.5°
  • Standard Lie: 58.5°
  • Men’s Standard Length: 45.75
  • Ladies’ Standard Length: 44.5

Look sound and feel:


The TS1 has a unique head shaped like a pear that sticks out more in the back. This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it helps the club hit the ball higher and straighter even if you don’t connect perfectly. In the end, whether you dig the modern look or prefer something more classic is totally up to you.


Titleist drivers are famous for a satisfying “crack” when you hit the ball well, and the TS1 is no different. Imagine a crisp, powerful sound that lets you know you absolutely nailed it! This nice feedback can boost your confidence and assure you that you made a clean shot.


The TS1 is super light, making it easy to swing. This helps you move the club smoothly for more consistent hits. Plus, the design might help the ball launch higher. Overall, swinging the TS1 feels powerful, though some golfers might miss the heavier feel of older drivers. But the TS1 is all about swinging easier to potentially hit the ball farther.


  • Sleek design with modern aesthetics.
  • Innovative ATI 425 titanium face technology.
  • High-MOI design for forgiveness on mishits.
  • Adjustable SureFit hosel for customization.
  • Positive reputation among golf experts.
  • Impressive ball speed and significant distance.


  • Relatively high price point.
  • Limited availability of loft options.

Ts1 who should use it?

  • Golfers seeking to maximize distance off the tee.
  • Players who prefer a sleek, modern driver design.
  • Those in search of a driver offering a balanced feel.
  • Golfers who appreciate a satisfying and distinctive sound upon impact.
  • Individuals who desire a driver that provides real-time feedback on their swing quality.

Suitability by handicap:

  • High handicap golfers: Yes
  • Mid handicap golfers: Yes
  • Low handicap golfers: Yes
Rating Metrics User Rating Our Rating
Distance 4.5/5 4.5/5
Forgiveness 4.5/5  4.5/5
Playability 4.5/5 4.5/5
Looks 4.7/5 4.7/5
Sound and Feel 4.5/5 4.3/5

Features and benefits:

Design and Aesthetics

Good golf clubs should look sharp! They come in a variety of styles and colors to suit your taste, whether you prefer a classic, clean look or something more modern and flashy. But more importantly, the design should inspire confidence when you address the ball. A well-designed club should feel balanced and comfortable in your hands, giving you the sense that you can deliver a powerful, controlled swing.


Modern golf clubs are packed with innovative features that can take your game to the next level. These features might include lighter materials in the clubhead and shaft for easier swinging, which can help you generate more clubhead speed for longer distances. Larger sweet spots, the part of the clubface that delivers the most power and accuracy, can also be a technological innovation. These larger sweet spots help forgive off-center hits, meaning you’ll get more distance and accuracy even if you don’t catch the ball perfectly.


The right clubs can help you hit the ball farther and straighter, which translates to better scores and more enjoyment on the course. Distance and accuracy are key ingredients to lowering your scores. Imagine reaching a par 5 green in two shots instead of three, or confidently placing your approach shot close to the pin on a par 3. The right equipment can help you achieve these goals and make the game more rewarding.


Adding distance to your shots is a major benefit of good clubs. Modern clubs are designed to help you transfer more energy from your swing to the ball, resulting in longer shots. This can be especially helpful for golfers who struggle to reach certain greens in regulation. Imagine being able to comfortably reach that par 4 in two shots instead of laying up, giving yourself a birdie opportunity instead of scrambling for par.


Even the best golfers don’t hit perfect shots every time. Forgiveness refers to a club’s ability to deliver decent results on mishits, meaning you’ll be penalized less for off-center strikes. For example, a forgiving driver might still send the ball a good distance even if you hit it towards the heel or toe of the clubface. This can save you strokes and keep you in the game, especially for beginners or higher handicappers who are still working on their swing mechanics.

Flight Accuracy

Accurate clubs help you control the ball’s flight path and send it where you want it to go. This means fewer slices (ball curving right for right-handed players), hooks (ball curving left for right-handed players), and shanks (a very mishit shot that often goes way off target). Accurate control over your shots allows you to strategically navigate the course, avoiding hazards and setting yourself up for good scoring opportunities. With more consistent ball flight, you’ll be spending less time searching for lost balls in the rough and more time lining up birdie putts.


The Titleist TS1 driver is designed to deliver distance and forgiveness in a lightweight package. While the look might not be for everyone, with its pear-shaped head, the focus is on performance, not winning any beauty contests. The key features here are effortless swing speed and a lower center of gravity.

This translates to potentially hitting the ball farther and straighter, even on mishits, which could be a game-changer for golfers who struggle with finding the fairway or squeezing out extra yards. If you’re looking for a driver that lets you swing easier and bomb the ball down the fairway, the TS1 is definitely worth a test drive.

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