Titleist tour balata Golf Ball

Titleist tour balata golf balls reviews

Titleist Tour Balata golf balls might not be the latest and greatest on the market, but they still have a loyal following among golfers who crave one thing: exceptional short-game performance. Made with a different material than today’s balls, Balatas offer a unique feel and incredible spin, making them masters of stopping power on the green.

This review will dive into what makes the Titleist Tour Balata tick. We’ll explore the pros and cons of this old-school ball, helping you decide if it’s a good fit for your game. We’ll cover aspects like how much spin you can expect, how far the ball flies, and the kind of golfer who might benefit most from using a Balata.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer looking to recapture some short-game magic or a curious newcomer interested in a different kind of ball, this review will shed light on the strengths and weaknesses of the Titleist Tour Balata. So, if you’re looking to add some serious bite to your chips and pitches, keep reading.

Titleist tour balata golf balls short reviews

Titleist Tour Balata balls are great for golfers with good skills who want to stop the ball close to the hole on the green. They are soft and give you lots of spin, but they don’t fly as far and scuff up easier than most balls.

Titleist tour balata Golf Ball Specs

  • Construction:  Multi-layer
  • Cover: soft
  • Dimple Pattern:   Aerodynamic design
  • Compression: High (around 90 or 100)

Who Should Consider Playing a Titleist Tour Balata?

Titleist Tour Balatas aren’t for everyone, but they shine in the hands of specific golfers. Here’s who might benefit most:

Skill Level:

  • Low Handicappers: These golfers prioritize precision and short game feel. The Balata’s exceptional spin and soft feel allow for creativity and control around the green, which can shave strokes off their scores.
  • Golfers with Strong Short Game Skills: Even for mid-handicappers with a solid short game, the Balata can further elevate their finesse. The added spin and soft feel can help them dial in their touch for chip shots, pitches, and flop shots.

Swing Speed:

  • Moderate Swing Speeds: Since Balatas aren’t designed for maximum distance, golfers with moderate swing speeds won’t sacrifice much yardage compared to a modern ball. They’ll still benefit from the Balata’s superior short-game performance.
  • Smooth Swingers: Golfers who focus on control and swing mechanics over raw power will find the Balata’s soft feel rewarding. It can help them feel the clubface connection better and potentially improve their overall ball striking.

Playing Style:

  • Focus on Short Game: If a golfer prioritizes mastering their short game and enjoys shaping shots with finesse, the Balata’s exceptional spin and feel will be a game-changer. It allows for more creativity and control around the green.
  • Course Strategy Emphasis: Golfers who rely on course strategy and shot-making over brute power will appreciate the Balata’s ability to hold greens and stop on a dime. It allows them to be more aggressive with approach shots and chip-ins.

Titleist Tour Balata Golf Balls Features


Sacrifice for Short Game Precision – While Titleist Tour Balatas offer good control for distance shots, they prioritize spin and feel over raw power. Compared to modern balls, golfers with moderate swing speeds might see a slight decrease in yardage.

Spin Control: 

Masterful Stopping Power – The Balata’s construction allows for exceptional spin generation. This translates to unmatched control on approach shots, allowing you to hold greens and stop the ball on a dime for pinpoint accuracy.


Unparalleled Softness – The Balata cover provides a noticeably softer feel at impact compared to modern balls. This can enhance feedback and connection with the clubface, potentially improving ball striking for some golfers. However, the softer feel might not be preferred by everyone.


The trade-off for Performance – The Balata cover is known for its exceptional feel, but this comes at the expense of durability. These balls may scuff or wear more easily compared to modern, multi-layer constructions.


  • For pinpoint accuracy and stopping power around the green.
  • Enhanced feedback and connection with the clubface (for some golfers).
  • Ideal for golfers who prioritize mastering their short game.


  • Sacrifice some distance compared to modern balls.
  • The soft cover may scuff or wear more easily.
  • The soft feel might not be preferred by all golfers

Titleist Tour Balata Golf Balls For Design

Unlike the solid cores found in most modern balls, the Balata features a wound construction. This means it’s built with layers of rubber-like material wrapped around a small liquid center. This construction creates a softer feel at impact and allows for more spin generation.

The key ingredient that sets the Balata apart is its cover material. Made from balata, a natural rubber derived from the sap of the balata tree, it provides an incredibly soft feel and exceptional grip on the ball for increased spin. However, balata is less durable than the synthetic materials used in modern covers.

Compression refers to the amount of squeeze a golf ball can withstand. The Balata is considered a high-compression ball, typically around 90 or 100. This higher compression contributes to the ball’s firmer feel and potential for more distance for golfers with higher swing speeds.

Traditionally, Titleist Tour Balatas were available in a classic white color. However, depending on the year of production, you might find some variations in availability.

Alternatives of  Titleist tour balata golf balls

As alternatives to the Titleist tour balata golf ball, here are three:

  • Titleist NXT Tour
  • Srixon Q Star
  • Taylormade tp5x 

Key Takeaway

The Titleist Tour Balata isn’t for everyone. It might not be the longest ball on the course, and the softcover can wear down faster. But for golfers who crave unmatched feel and short game control, the Balata remains a legend. Its exceptional spin and soft feel let you stop the ball on a dime and shape shots with incredible precision.

So, if you’re a skilled golfer who prioritizes mastering your short game and enjoys feeling the club connect with the ball, the Balata might be the perfect fit. However, if distance is your main concern or you prefer a more durable ball, there are plenty of modern options to consider. Ultimately, the choice depends on your individual needs and playing style.

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