Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls Review

In the world of golf, picking the right ball can be confusing. There are many choices, some boasting long drives, a soft feel, and precise spin control. But these features often come with a hefty price tag. Enter the Callaway Supersoft, a popular option that promises good performance without breaking the bank. 

This review dives into what golfers and experts say about the Supersoft. We’ll explore how it performs on long drives, short approaches, and delicate chip shots around the putting green. We’ll see if the Supersoft lives up to its name, feeling soft on impact while still offering enough control for spin. We’ll also consider factors like compression, which affects distance and feel, and durability, how long the ball lasts after a shot. By the end, you’ll know if the Callaway Supersoft, with its balance of affordability and features, deserves a spot in your bag.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls Short Review

Callaway Superfast Golf Balls help you hit the ball farther off the tee and irons. They’re good for mid-to-high handicappers and casual golfers who want more distance without giving up too much feel.

Callaway SuperSoft Golf Ball Specs

  • Construction: Two-piece 
  • Cover:   ionomer
  • Dimple Pattern: Aerodynamic 332-dimple 
  • Compression: Low 

Who are Callaway Superfast Golf Balls Ideal For?

Callaway Superfast Golf Balls are designed to benefit a wide range of golfers, but they particularly shine for those who prioritize distance off the tee and on long irons. Here’s a breakdown of ideal player types:

Skill Level:

  • Mid-Handicap (10-20 Handicap): These golfers are still developing their swing and may not generate the highest clubhead speed. The Superfast’s focus on distance can help them reach more par 4s in two shots and gain valuable yards on longer holes.
  • High-Handicap (20+ Handicap): Beginner golfers often struggle with distance. The Superfast’s design can help them hit the ball farther with less effort, making the game more enjoyable and allowing them to focus on other aspects like accuracy and short games.

Swing Speed:

  • Average Swing Speed (85-95 mph): Golfers with average swing speeds can benefit from the added boost in distance that the Superfast provides. The ball’s construction is optimized to maximize distance potential even with moderate swing power.
  • Slower Swing Speed (Below 85 mph): While still beneficial, the advantage might be slightly less pronounced for golfers with very slow swing speeds. However, the Superfast can still offer a noticeable distance increase compared to lower-compression balls.

Playing Style:

  • Distance Seekers: If you prioritize hitting the ball far and long is your game, the Superfast is a great choice. Its focus on distance will help you maximize yardage off the tee and on longer approach shots.
  • Recreational Golfers: For casual golfers who want to enjoy the game and have a ball that goes further, the Superfast is a good option. It can take some of the frustration out of hitting long shots and allow you to focus on having fun.

Callaway Supersoft Soft Golf Balls for Features


The core of the Superfast is designed to be energetic and springy. This translates to faster ball speed off the clubface, leading to longer distances on all your shots. The Superfast features a dimple pattern that helps the ball stay airborne longer and reduce drag. This allows the ball to travel farther with less wind resistance.


While prioritizing distance, the Superfast still offers a relatively soft cover compared to ultra-distance balls. This translates to a decent feel on pitches, chips, and putts, providing some feedback for better control around the green. The cover is thinner than Callaway’s Tour balls, which are designed for maximum spin and control. This allows for faster ball speed but may result in a slightly less muted feel compared to those balls.

Spin Control:

The Superfast offers moderate spin compared to distance-focused balls. This allows for enough spin to hold greens on approach shots, but prioritizes lower spin off the driver for straighter, longer drives. Compared to Callaway’s Tour balls, the Superfast will generate less spin. This can be beneficial for golfers who struggle with a slice or excessive spin off the driver but may not be ideal for golfers who rely on high spin for control on approach shots.


The Superfast utilizes a durable cover material that can withstand many rounds of play without scuffing excessively. This ensures consistent performance over time. The durability of the Superfast is comparable to other Callaway balls in this price range. They can handle regular use without needing frequent replacement.


  • Longer drives and approach shots
  • Relatively soft cover for some feedback
  • Withstands many rounds of play


  • Can be expensive compared to some distance balls.
  • Less feel compared to some balls
  • May not benefit from very low swing speeds as muc

Callaway Supersoft Soft Golf Balls Design

The Superfast comes in two or three-piece constructions. The two-piece version prioritizes distance even more, while the three-piece offers a slightly better balance of distance and feel.

The cover is made of a relatively soft ionomeric material. This provides some feel around the green while still being thin enough for high ball speeds. The Superfast features a dimple pattern called HEX Aerodynamics. This design helps the ball stay airborne longer and reduces drag in the wind. Imagine tiny bumps that help the ball cut through the air more efficiently.

The Superfast has a lower compression rating compared to some other Callaway balls. This softer core squishes more at impact, transferring more energy to the ball for increased distance. Think of a softer spring that rebounds further. The Superfast comes in the classic white color but also offers bold red and yellow options for golfers who prefer high visibility.

Alternatives of Callaway Supersoft Soft Golf Balls

  • TaylorMade Distance+ Soft
  • Srixon Soft Feel
  • Titleist trufeel 

Key Takeway Conclusion

Callaway Superfast Golf Balls are a great option for golfers who prioritize distance without sacrificing too much feel or control. Their design delivers longer drives and approach shots, making the course feel a bit shorter. While they may not be ideal for golfers with very slow swing speeds or those who rely on high spin for maximum control, 

The Superfast offers a good balance of distance, feel, and durability for mid-to-high handicappers and recreational golfers. If you’re looking to add some yards to your game and want a ball that’s easy to hit, the Callaway Superfast is definitely worth considering.

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