Callaway Chrome Soft x Golf Balls

Callaway Chrome Soft x Golf Balls Review

Choosing the right golf ball can feel overwhelming. This review will help you decide if the Callaway Chrome Soft X balls are a good match for your game. These popular balls are known for their soft feel and long distance, but there’s more to the story. 

We’ll delve into the key features of the Chrome Soft X, explaining how they might benefit your game in terms of spin control, feel, distance, and how they perform for golfers with different swing speeds. Whether you’re a beginner golfer or a seasoned player, this review will provide valuable insights. 

We’ll explore who might get the most out of these balls, how they perform on the course in different situations, and the pros and cons to consider. By the end, you’ll be well-equipped to decide if the Callaway Chrome Soft X balls deserve a spot in your golf bag.

Callaway Chrome Soft x Golf Balls Short Review

The Callaway Chrome Soft X golf ball is long, feels soft, and grips the green well. It’s good for many golfers. Think about your swing speed and priorities before you buy to see if it’s the right choice for you.

Callaway Chrome Soft x Golf Ball Specs

  • Construction: Multi-material, 4-piece 
  • Cover: Urethane 
  • Dimple Pattern:  HEX Aerodynamics design
  • Compression: Low 

Why Choose a Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Ball?

Here’s a breakdown of why the Chrome Soft X might be a great fit for your game, considering factors like:

Skill Level:

  • Mid- to High-Handicap (Beginner/Developing Player): The Chrome Soft X can still benefit golfers with developing swings. The soft feel offers a confidence boost on mishits, and the distance potential helps them reach more greens in regulation.
  • Low-Handicap (Skilled Player): For skilled players with high swing speeds, the Chrome Soft X offers a good balance of distance and control. The lower spin off the driver helps keep shots straighter, while the urethane cover provides an excellent greenside feel for scoring.

Swing Speed:

  • Fast Swingers (Over 100 mph): The low compression (around 100) of the Chrome Soft X is ideal for faster swing speeds. It allows the ball to compress effectively at impact, maximizing energy transfer for a longer distance.
  • Slower Swingers (Under 90 mph): The Chrome Soft X might not be the best choice for golfers with slower swing speeds. The lower compression may result in a loss of distance compared to a higher compression ball.

Playing Style:

  • Distance Seekers: For players who prioritize distance, the Chrome Soft X’s construction and aerodynamics promote longer ball flight.
  • Feel Players: Despite being a distance ball, the Chrome Soft X retains a soft feel thanks to the urethane cover. This provides good feedback and control around the greens for golfers who value feel.

 Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Balls for Features


These balls are known for their impressive length off the tee. The multi-piece construction and aerodynamic dimple pattern work together to generate lift and reduce drag, allowing you to squeeze out extra yards on every shot.


Despite prioritizing distance, the Chrome Soft X retains a surprisingly soft feel. The urethane cover provides a pleasant sensation at impact, especially noticeable on chips and putts for better feedback and control around the green.

Spin Control

The Chrome Soft X offers a good balance of spin. The lower spin off the driver helps keep your tee shots straighter and longer. However, the urethane cover retains enough bite for you to control your approach shots and spin the ball on the green for more precise stopping power.


While urethane covers offer a superior feel and spin, they can sometimes sacrifice durability. However, the Chrome Soft X holds up well for a tour-level ball. You can expect a decent lifespan without sacrificing performance.


  • Multi-piece construction and dimple pattern for impressive yardage.
  • The urethane cover provides a pleasing feel at impact.
  • A good balance for straighter drives and greenside control.
  • Holds up well for a urethane-covered ball.


  • Can be expensive compared to some distance balls.
  • Might not be ideal for slower swing speeds.
  • May not suit golfers who need maximum spin reduction.

Callaway Chrome Soft x Golf Balls Design

The Callaway Chrome Soft X is a multi-material, 4-piece construction. This combines different materials inside the ball to optimize performance. The core is designed for high energy transfer, while the mantle layer helps manage spin for better control.

Encasing everything is a soft Urethane cover. This premium material is key to the Chrome Soft X’s soft feel and ability to grip the green for spin and control on approach shots.

Aerodynamics also plays a big role. 

The Chrome Soft X utilizes a Distance Dimple Pattern with a HEX Aerodynamics design. This fancy term basically means the tiny dimples on the ball are strategically shaped and positioned to help it fly farther with less drag and a more stable flight path.

Finally, the Chrome Soft X typically comes with a low compression rating (around 100). This softer construction is ideal for faster swing speeds but might not maximize distance for slower swingers. As for color options, Callaway typically offers the Chrome Soft X in classic white and sometimes in a high-visibility yellow version for better tracking during play.

Alternatives of Callaway Chrome Soft x Golf Balls

Here are 3 alternatives to the Callaway Chrome Soft X golf balls, considering different priorities:

  • Srixon z star xv
  • Titleist tour speed 
  • Taylormade soft response 

Key Takeaway

The Callaway Chrome Soft X golf ball is a great choice for golfers with a faster swing who prioritize feel and greenside control. The soft cover and high spin rates help you stop the ball on the green and hold tricky shots. However, if you swing slower or need more distance off the tee, this ball might not be the best fit. 

It has a lower compression rating, which means it might not travel as far for players with less swing speed. Remember, the best ball for you depends on your swing and what you want to improve in your game. If you’re unsure, consider trying out a few different balls to see which one performs best for you.

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