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Titleist Trufeel Golf Ball Review

In this review, we will delve into the key features, performance, and overall value of the Titleist TruFeel golf ball. Titleist is renowned for its high-quality golf balls, and TruFeel is no exception. 

Designed for golfers seeking a soft feel, precise control, and consistent performance, the TruFeel boasts an impressive blend of technology and craftsmanship. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a forgiving ball or a seasoned player aiming for pinpoint accuracy, 

TruFeel promises to deliver. Join us as we explore the construction, design, and performance of the Titleist TruFeel golf ball to help you make an informed decision for your game.

Titleist Trufeel Golf Ball Short Review

Titleist TruFeel offers distance and a soft feel for golfers with slower swings. This review explores if it delivers on these promises, analyzing feel, distance, spin, durability, and value to see if it’s a good fit for your game.


  • Construction:  2-Piece
  • Cover: TruFlex
  • Dimple Pattern:  376 Tetra
  • Compression:  Low

Who Should Use the Titleist TruFeel Golf Ball?

The Titleist TruFeel caters to golfers with different skill levels, swing speeds, and playing styles, offering a good balance of affordability and performance. Here’s a breakdown:

Skill Level

  • High Handicap Golfer: Focuses on distance and feel If you’re a high handicap golfer (generally shoots above an 80), TruFeel’s design helps the ball stay airborne longer, maximizing distance off slower swing speeds (typically below 95 mph). The soft feel can also be confidence-inspiring for beginners.
  • Low Handicap Golfer (with reservations) Prioritizes greenside control, While distance might be sacrificed slightly, low handicap golfers who value feel and control around the green can benefit from TruFeel. The soft cover provides good feedback and spin for chip shots and putting.

Swing Speed

  • Swing Speed: Below 95 mph: Maximizes distance If you typically swing the driver slower than 95 mph, the TruFeel is designed to help you get the most out of your swing. The lower compression core and aerodynamic design work together to launch the ball higher and keep it in the air for longer distances.
  • Swing Speed: Above 95 mph: Consider other options for golfers with swing speeds exceeding 95 mph, the TruFeel might not be the optimal choice. Higher swing speeds can overpower TruFeel’s design, potentially leading to less distance and control compared to a ball built for more power.



The Titleist TruFeel is designed for golfers with slower swing speeds seeking extra yardage. A large, softcore combined with the aerodynamic 376 tetrahedral dimple pattern helps the ball stay airborne longer and travel further. While it might not match the distance of a Tour-level ball, reviewers report noticeable gains compared to other soft-feel options.


Soft feel is a hallmark of the Titleist TruFeel. The 2-piece construction and the 3.0 TruFlex cover provide a satisfyingly soft response off the clubface. This translates to a more muted sound at impact and a better feel for your shots, particularly around the green.

Spin Control

Spin control with the Titleist TruFeel falls into the category of “moderate.” The soft cover allows for some greenside bite, but it won’t generate the high spin rates of a premium ball. This can be a benefit for golfers who struggle with excessive spin, potentially leading to straighter shots and more manageable distances. However, those who rely on high spin for stopping power on the green might need to adjust their game slightly.


Durability is a surprising strength of the Titleist TruFeel. Despite its soft cover, reviewers report good resistance to cuts and scuffs, even after multiple rounds. The cover also cleans well after bunker shots, maintaining its performance throughout the day. This makes the TruFeel a good value proposition for golfers who lose fewer balls due to wear and tear.


  • Longer shots for slower swing speeds.
  • Soft and muted on impact, good feedback.
  • Surprisingly good for softball.
  • Excellent performance at a more affordable price.


  • Moderate spin, might not be ideal for high-spin players.
  • Lower compression may not suit golfers with faster swings.
  • High flight, not ideal for windy conditions.
  • Only white is available initially.


Titleist TruFeel golf balls are designed for golfers who prioritize feel and control without sacrificing too much distance. The Titleist TruFeel takes a two-piece construction approach for a balance of performance and affordability. 

The cover is the softest in Titleist’s lineup, offering a satisfying feel of impact, especially noticeable on approach shots and putts.  This soft cover also helps generate spin, which is crucial for controlling the ball around the greens.  

The dimple pattern is optimized for slower swing speeds, helping the ball stay airborne for longer distances.  TruFeel uses a lower compression core compared to high-performance balls. 

This lower compression makes the ball feel softer and easier to compress at impact, again benefiting golfers with slower swings. TruFeel comes in the classic white color, allowing for easy visibility on the course.

Alternate of Titleist Trufeel Golf Ball

The Titleist TruFeel is a great option for many golfers, but it might not be the perfect fit for everyone. Here are 3 alternative balls to consider depending on your needs:

  • Callaway Supersoft
  • Srixon Soft Feel
  • Bridgestone e6


The Titleist TruFeel emerges as a strong contender for golfers seeking distance and a soft feel without a premium price tag. While it might not be the ultimate performer for everyone, its design caters specifically to slower swing speeds. The TruFeel delivers on its promise of increased distance and offers a noticeably softer feel throughout the bag, perfect for golfers who dislike a harsh impact. 

While spin control falls into the moderate range, it can benefit those struggling with excessive spin. Durability is a surprising strength, making the TruFeel a value proposition. Ultimately, if you’re a mid-to-high handicapper with a slower swing or prioritize affordability and a soft feel, the Titleist TruFeel is worth considering for your next round.

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