Titleist AVX Golf Ball

Titleist AVX Golf Ball Reviews

Titleist AVX might be your secret weapon. Targeted at golfers who enjoy the Pro V1 but crave a lower-spinning option, the AVX promises distance gains off the tee and long irons while maintaining excellent greenside control. 

By diving into golfer experiences, we’ll explore how the AVX performs across all aspects of your game, from feel and distance to short-game spin and putting.  This way, you can decide if the Titleist AVX is the key to taking your game to the next level.

Golfers seeking a tour-level ball that prioritizes distance without sacrificing greenside control should investigate the Titleist AVX. Reviewers highlight the AVX’s impressive distance gains and soft feel around the green, though some note a slight adjustment period for putting due to the ball’s softness.

Titleist AVX Golf Ball Short Review

Titleist AVX Golf Balls targets golfers who want distance with good greenside control, offers a soft feel for chipping and putting, and delivers long distances with less spin than some premium balls. If you’re looking for a ball that checks those boxes, the AVX is worth considering.

Titleist AVX Golf Ball Specs

  • Construction:  3-Piece
  • Cover: Urethane
  • Dimple Pattern:   Catenary
  • Compression:  Mid (85-90)

Why Consider the Titleist AVX Golf Ball?

The Titleist AVX golf ball offers a unique combination of features that can benefit golfers of various skill levels, playing styles and swing speeds:

Skill Level

  • Beginner/High-Handicap Golfer (Shoots 100+ typically): The AVX’s straighter flight and softer feel can help you make cleaner contact with the ball, resulting in more forgiving shots that travel straighter and further, even on off-center hits.
  • Mid-Handicap Golfer (Shoots 80s or 90s): The AVX offers a good balance of both. It can help you gain some extra yards off the tee while still providing enough spin for better control on approach shots and around the green.

Swing Speed 

  • Average Swing Speed (Driver swing speed around 90-105 mph): The AVX is designed with a soft core that compresses well at impact, even with average swing speeds. This can help you squeeze out extra yards off the tee without sacrificing feel.
  • Slower Swing Speed (Driver swing speed below 90 mph): Many golfers with slower swing speeds struggle to compress a high-compression ball. The AVX’s lower compression core allows for better compression at impact, even with slower swings, resulting in more distance and a better overall feel.

Playing Style

  • Player Who Prioritizes Control: Prefer Accuracy Over Distance? If you’d rather keep the ball in play and avoid wild hooks or slices, the AVX’s lower spin design is a great choice. It will help you hit the ball lower and straighter, giving you more control over your shots and reducing the chances of unpredictable flight paths.
  • Player Who Values Soft Feel: The AVX features a soft urethane cover that provides a satisfying feel at impact, especially noticeable on approach shots, chips, and putts. If you enjoy the feedback of a softer ball, the AVX can enhance your feel and potentially improve your short game.


Distance Performance:

The Titleist AVX prioritizes distance for golfers who want to maximize their yardage. Its lower-spinning construction compared to balls like the Pro V1 reduces backspin off the driver and irons, resulting in longer, penetrating shots. Reviewers consistently report noticeable distance gains throughout the bag, making the AVX a strong contender for golfers seeking extra yards.

Alignment Technology:

While the AVX doesn’t boast any specific alignment technology in its design, some golfers might find its visibility options (white, yellow, etc.) helpful for aiming.  However, the core focus of the AVX lies in its distance and greenside control features.

Spin Control:

The AVX strikes a balance between distance and greenside control. While it promotes lower spin for longer shots, it maintains enough spin for good stopping power on approach shots. This allows golfers to confidently attack the pin, knowing the ball will hold the green upon landing.


The AVX stands out for its soft feel, a significant difference compared to the firmer Pro V1. This softer cover provides a pleasing sensation at impact, especially noticeable on approach shots and around the green. However, some reviewers mentioned a slight adjustment period for putting due to the ball’s softness. With proper putting technique, the soft feel shouldn’t negatively impact performance.


Titleist utilizes high-quality materials in the AVX construction, ensuring a durable ball that can withstand the rigors of repeated play. While the soft cover might show scuffs after impact, it should hold up well for a reasonable number of rounds.


  • The lower spin design promotes longer drives and irons.
  • Pleasing sensation at impact, especially around the green
  • Maintains enough spin for good stopping power on approach shots.


  • It may require a slight adjustment period for some golfers.
  • Relies on visibility options for aiming.


The Titleist AVX golf ball is a three-piece design built for golfers who want a good balance of distance and control. The outer layer is a soft urethane cover, especially on those delicate chip shots and putts.  

This cover is durable enough to withstand many rounds without sacrificing performance.  Below the cover sits a softer core compared to previous AVX models. This core compresses well at impact, even with average or slower swing speeds, generating more distance off the driver and irons.

The dimple pattern on the AVX is Titleist’s exclusive design, which they claim helps the ball fly straighter and fly into the wind better.  The compression of the AVX falls into the mid-range category, making it an excellent option for a wider range of golfers.  While not the softest ball on the market, it’s softer than a distance-focused ball and is available in the classic white color.

Alternate of Titleist AVX Golf Balls

The Titleist AVX offers a compelling combination of distance and control for many golfers. However, if you’re looking for a similar performing ball at a different price point, feel, or brand preference, here are 3 strong alternatives to consider:

  • Srixon Z-Star XV
  • Callaway Chrome Soft X
  • TaylorMade TP5x


The Titleist AVX carves a niche for golfers seeking a tour-level ball that prioritizes distance without sacrificing greenside control. Its lower-spin construction delivers impressive yardage gains while maintaining enough bite for solid stopping power on approach shots. The soft urethane cover enhances the feel around the green, although some golfers might require a brief adjustment period for putting.

While the AVX comes at a premium price, its performance and quality materials make it a strong contender for mid-handicap golfers and those who value a soft feel on all shots. Ultimately, whether the AVX is the perfect fit for you depends on your swing, budget, and feel preferences. Consider testing the AVX alongside your current ball to see if its distance gains and soft feel translate to lower scores on the course.

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