Srixon Q Star Golf Balls

Srixon Q Star Golf Balls Review

When you’re out on the golf course, choosing the right golf balls can make a big difference in how you play. Srixon Q Star golf balls are designed to help golfers of all skill levels improve their game. These golf balls are known for their soft feel and excellent performance on the course. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, the Srixon Q Star golf balls can help you achieve better distance and accuracy with your shots. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at what makes these golf balls stand out from the rest. 

From their innovative design to their affordability, we’ll explore all the features that make the Srixon Q Star golf balls a great choice for golfers looking to up their game.

Srixon Q Star Golf Balls Short Review

The Srixon Q Star golf balls offer impressive performance for mid-handicap golfers. With a soft feel and excellent distance, they provide great value for improving your game.

Srixon Q Star Golf Ball Specs

  • Construction: 2-piece 
  • Cover: Soft  Urethane 
  • Dimple Pattern:   Aerodynamic design
  • Compression: Mid-range compression

Who Should Consider Srixon Q-Star Golf Balls?

Skill Level:

  • Mid-Handicap (10-20): If you’re a golfer who scores consistently in the 80s and 90s, the Q-Star’s balanced performance can help you improve all aspects of your game. The ball offers good distance off the driver without sacrificing feel and control around the greens.
  • Developing Players: Golfers who are still working on their swing mechanics and overall game can benefit from the Q-Star’s lower compression core. This core creates a softer feel on contact, making it easier to compress the ball at impact and generate more power.

Swing Speed:

  • Moderate Swing Speeds (85-95 mph): The Q-Star’s lower compression is ideal for golfers with moderate swing speeds. It allows the ball to launch easily off the clubface, maximizing distance even on mishits.
  • Slower Swing Speeds (below 85 mph): For golfers with slower swings, the Q-Star’s construction promotes higher launch and good roll on long shots. This can help them reach more par 4s in regulation and gain valuable distance off the tee.

Playing Style:

  • All-Around Players: The Q-Star caters to golfers who value a balance between distance, feel, and control. You can swing confidently knowing you’ll get good yardage off the tee, a soft feel for approach shots, and the ability to spin the ball for more stopping power on the green.
  • Golfers Who Prioritize Feel: If you enjoy the sensation of a softer ball at impact, the Q-Star delivers. This can inspire confidence when addressing irons and wedges, leading to more precise distance control on scoring shots.

Srixon Q Star Golf Balls Features


The Q-Star boasts a lower compression core, which translates to longer shots off the tee for moderate and slower swing speeds. This core allows the ball to spring off the clubface more easily, even on mishits, helping you reach farther distances.


The ball utilizes a soft urethane cover. Urethane is a premium material that provides a good feel on contact and generates more spin than a two-piece ball. This translates to better control on approach shots and the ability to stop the ball quickly on the green.

Spin Control:  

Thanks to the soft urethane cover, the Q-Star allows you to grip the ball more effectively at impact, particularly with wedges. This increased friction creates more spin on the ball, which helps it bite into the green and hold its line, especially on chip shots and pitch shots around the putting surface.


While urethane covers offer superior feel and spin, they can be slightly less durable than those made from ionomer, a common material in two-piece balls. However, the Q-Star’s urethane cover is designed for a good balance between performance and lifespan. You can expect good performance for a reasonable number of rounds before needing to replace the ball.


  • Good distance for moderate and slower swing speeds
  • Soft urethane cover for good feel and spin
  • Durable enough for a reasonable number of rounds


  • Less durable than some two-piece balls
  • May not be ideal for high swing speeds
  • Not the absolute longest ball on the market

Srixon Q Star Golf Balls For Design

The Q-Star features a 3-piece construction. This means it has a soft inner core, a firmer middle layer, and a soft urethane cover. This combination promotes distance off the tee with the softcore, good feel and control with the urethane cover, and a supportive middle layer for stability throughout the flight.

As mentioned earlier, the Q-Star utilizes a soft urethane cover. This premium material provides a satisfying feel at impact and generates more spin than a two-piece ball for better control around the greens.

The Q-Star likely employs a standard or modified dimple pattern, which are small indentations on the ball’s surface. These dimples help the ball stay airborne longer and travel straighter in various weather conditions.

The Q-Star is known for its lower compression core. This design choice makes the ball feel softer on contact and allows it to compress more easily at impact, especially for golfers with moderate or slower swing speeds.

The Q-Star is typically available in classic white, but some retailers may offer additional color options. White provides excellent visibility on most courses, making it a practical choice for golfers of all skill levels.

Alternatives of Srixon Q Star Golf Balls

There are some alternatives for srixon q star golf balls:

  • Titleist Trufeel 
  • Callaway Chrome Soft X 
  • Titleist Pro V1 

Key Takeaway

The Srixon Q-Star is a solid option for mid-handicap golfers, developing players, and golfers with moderate swing speeds. It offers a good balance of distance, feel, and control without breaking the bank. The lower compression core promotes longer shots and a softer feel, while the urethane cover allows for more spin and greenside control. 

While not the most distance-oriented ball on the market and possessing a slightly less durable cover than some two-piece options, the Q-Star provides a well-rounded package for a reasonable price. If you’re looking for a ball that can help you improve all aspects of your game, the Srixon Q-Star is definitely worth considering.

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