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Titleist Velocity Golf Balls Review

This review will check out everything about the Titleist Velocity golf ball, like how it’s made, how far it goes, how it feels, and if it’s good for beginners or expert golfers. By the end, you’ll know if this ball is the right one for you or not.

Titleist makes a golf ball called the Velocity that helps you hit the ball farther. It’s not the most expensive Titleist ball, but it’s a good choice for many golfers because it’s both affordable and helps you hit the ball far. They are a great choice for golfers who want more distance without spending much money.  

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls Short Review

Titleist Velocity prioritizes distance with its high-launch design, making it ideal for handicappers seeking extra yards. However, the trade-off is a firmer feel and lower spin, which can reduce greenside control due to its lower compression rate.

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls specs

  • Construction: 2-Piece
  • Cover: NaZ+ Ionomer
  • Dimple Pattern: 350 Octahedral Dimples
  • Compression: 84 (firm)

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls Who is it for

Titleist Velocity golf balls are designed for golfers who prioritize distance above all else. These balls are ideal for:

Skill Level

  • Primarily suits beginner and high-handicap golfers: These golfers benefit most from the focus on distance, as maximizing distance can help them reach more greens in regulation.

  • Can also be a good option for some mid-handicap golfers: Those with a slower swing speed can see a distance boost with the Velocity’s low spin design.

Swing Speed:

  • Ideal for golfers with slower swing speeds: The low-spin core and cover are designed to generate more distance for players who don’t naturally hit the ball far.

  • May not be optimal for golfers with very high swing speeds: These golfers may overpower the Velocity and lose control around the greens due to the low spin characteristics.

Playing Style:

  • Best for golfers who prioritize distance above all else: If you’re a golfer who focuses on hitting the ball long and wants to maximize yardage off the tee, the Velocity is a good choice.

  • May not be a deal for golfers who need a lot of greenside spin and control: Due to the low-spin design, the Velocity might not perform as well for golfers who rely on finesse around the greens for chip shots and stopping power on approaches.



The Titleist Velocity lives up to its name, delivering impressive distance gains, particularly for the driver. Its two-piece construction, featuring a large, softcore and a NaZ+ ionomer cover, works in tandem to generate high ball speed and lower spin for longer carries. However, it’s important to note that this distance comes at the expense of greenside control.


We’ll put Velocity to the test using launch monitors and track its actual distance gains compared to other popular balls. This will provide concrete data on whether the low-spin design translates to longer carries on the course.


The Velocity’s ionomer cover translates to a firmer feel compared to softer urethane-covered balls. While some golfers may appreciate the crisp feedback on solid strikes, others might find it lacking in the desired “softness” on mishits.


The Velocity sacrifices some greenside spin for a longer distance. The combination of its firm cover and lower spin profile can make holding shots around the green more challenging, especially for higher handicappers. This is a trade-off inherent to distance-focused balls.


The Velocity promotes a high launch angle, which can be beneficial for golfers struggling to get the ball airborne. This higher launch, coupled with the lower spin, helps achieve maximum distance potential.


Despite being a value-oriented offering, the Velocity holds its own in terms of durability. The NaZ+ ionomer cover offers decent cut resistance, although it might not be as resilient as some premium urethane-covered balls.


  • High ball speed and low spin for explosive distance
  • Penetrating flight trajectory helps reach longer distances
  • Multiple color options for personalization


  • May not offer the same level of control as high-end balls
  • Potentially less soft feel than some golfers prefer


The Titleist Velocity features a simple, two-piece construction designed to maximize distance. Its core is encased in a fast NaZ+ Ionomer cover, which aims to provide explosive speed off the tee and a playable feel around the greens. 

Titleist has incorporated a 350 octahedral dimple pattern on the Velocity, strategically placed to promote a consistent, high-launch trajectory for longer carry and improved stopping power on approach shots. With a compression rating of 84, the Velocity falls into the firmer feel category, contributing to lower spin on longer clubs and maximizing distance potential. 

Additionally, the Titleist Velocity is available in various colors, including classic white and a high-visibility matte orange, giving golfers the option to choose the ball that best suits their preference.

Alternate of Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

These balls are all designed for distance, but they also have a softer feel than the Velocity. This means that you’ll be able to get more control on your shots around the green, without sacrificing too much distance.

  • Callaway Chrome Soft X
  • TaylorMade TP5x
  • Srixon Z-STAR XV


In conclusion, the Titleist Velocity is a golf ball laser-focused on one thing blasting the ball farther. It delivers on this promise, potentially adding yards to your booming drives. However, there’s a trade-off for this extra distance. The Velocity feels firmer than other balls, and it spins less on your shots. You might sacrifice some control around the greens when chipping and pitching for that extra distance.

If your main goal is to bomb the ball farther and you’re a golfer who doesn’t lose many balls, Velocity could be a great choice. But value a softer feel and the ability to control your shots more precisely around the green. You might be happier with a different Titleist ball that prioritizes those aspects of your game.

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